Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Lovdal Class Action Settlement for not giving affidavits during the foreclosure

Check out details of Lovdal Class Action Settlement to find out your benefits for improper affidavits on foreclosure at

Lovdal v. JPMorgan Chase Bank class action is near to be resolved. JP Morgan Chase Bank NA has come across the lawsuit due to providing improper affidavits for foreclosure proceedings. Find out all important details about the Lovdal Class Action Settlement below.

J.P. Morgan Chase bank branch

How to claim Umpqua Bank Overdraft Settlement?

Umpqua Bank customers who have paid unfair overdraft fees while doing debit card transactions will receive their refund at

Banking work looks easy to do over the period of years of mastery, but it is good to check out your every transaction to make sure no loop holes are present in transaction. Umpqua Bank has come across the class action for manipulating debit card transactions to customer account for increase in the overdraft fees. If your Umpqua bank transactions are also manipulated, then file claim into the Umpqua Bank Overdraft Settlement to get your part of refund form $2.9 million settlement fund.

Umpqua bank branch

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Miller V Pier 1 Imports Settlement over ZIP Code Collection

Pier 1 Imports customers who have paid via credit card and asked for personal details with zip code can get refund voucher at

We never become suspicious if person situated at one of the most popular shopping shop’s counter ask for any personal details. But, it is not good to give your all personal details at any shopping place without questioning about why they want it and especially if they do not collect personal information in past. Pier 1 Imports has come across the class action because they have unlawfully collected personal information of their customers. If you have also shopped at Pier 1 Imports and have provided your personal information, then claim your refund into the Pier 1 Imports ZIP Code Class Action Settlement.

Pier 1 imports shop
Plaintiff Anne Miller filed the ZIP code class action lawsuit against Pier 1 Imports by accusing that company has violated Massachusetts law by requesting and recording customer’s zip code and other vital personal information when customer pays with credit or debit card. Class member also told that, Pier 1 Imports has used personal information of customers directly for marketing purposes without informing or taking permission from customers.

Pier 1 Imports denied of any wrongdoing while accepting money from credit card or debit card, but company has agreed to settle down the class action to avoid future uncertainty and cost. Every individual who have done shopping at Pier 1 Imports during the time period of June 19, 2009 to November 6, 2014 via credit card/debit card and submitted personal details with ZIP code are eligible to get refund into the settlement.

Each eligible entrant will receive a merchandise voucher of $10 off a merchandise purchase or a voucher that can be used for 20 percent off a merchandise purchase of up to $100 at a Massachusetts Pier 1 Imports store. Last date to file refund claim is January, 20, 2015. Final hearing of lawsuit is going to occur on February 27, 2015.

Highlights of Miller V Pier 1 Imports Settlement:

Official site of class action:
Link to file claim online:

Claims Administrator:
Anne Miller v. Pier 1 Imports (U.S.) Inc. Settlement Administrator
P.O. Box 43326
Providence, RI 02940-3326

Last Date to claim refund: January, 20, 2015
Final hearing: February 27, 2015

Class Counsel:
Elizabeth Ryan

Defense Counsel:
Michael J. Burns

Monday, November 24, 2014

Madenlian V Flax Milk Settlement for artificial ingredients

Get your money refund at for Flax USA flax milk products that have synthetic ingredients in it yet claim and sell as “all natural”.

Flax milk is best option for people who are on diet. It has only 25 calories and zero saturated fat. Flax USA Inc. is well known company that provides 100% natural flax milk to customers. But company has recently come across the lawsuit due to presence of artificial ingredients in the flax milk product that company claim as all natural. If you have also purchased flax milk of Flax USA, then participate into the Madenlian V Flax Milk Settlement to get refund.

Flax milk products of Flax USA

Saturday, November 22, 2014

OxyElite Pro, Jack3d, VERSA-1 USPLabs Class Action Settlement

If you bought the USPlabs Products (OxyElite Pro, Jack3d, VERSA-1) since August 17, 2012, then you may get cash benefits from the Settlement at

During the past few years, false advertising related class action lawsuits are rising at an alarming pace. False advertising class action lawsuits have filed against many companies and brands. Recently, USPlabs and GNC have come across the class action due to false advertising their dietary supplement products named OxyElite Pro, Jack3d and VERSA-1. USPlabs and GNC (Defendants) have agreed to pay $2 million for putting an end to a class-action lawsuit.

OxyElite Pro, Jack3d and VERSA-1