Tuesday, April 22, 2014

How to claim for Chase Mortgage Modification Litigation Settlement?

Visit the Chase Mortgage Modification Litigation website at ChaseMDLSettlement.com to claim in the lawsuit and get various benefits that company has agreed to give.

JPMorgan Chase has agreed to settle a class action lawsuit that claimed that this financial and banking service provider failed to offer timely and proper permanent loan alterations after they completed trial period plans under certain programs. The claimants in the JPMorgan Chase mortgage modification lawsuit alleged that JPMorgan Chase was responsible for breach of contract, unfair trade practice, and other abuse of the law. However, JPMorgan Chase denied any wrong doing and argued that they have fully complied with the law. The final hearing of the case will be conducted on 7th May. If the result will come in favor of claimants, then they will be able to get benefits that company has agreed to give.

Chase MDL Settlement

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Fogelstrom v. Lamps Plus Settlement for illegal ZIP Code Collection

At www.lpsettlement.com, complete online claim form of Lamps Plus ZIP Code Collection Class Action Settlement to get refurnd as $10 Lamps Plus gift card.

It is necessary that we provide all required personal details when we buy any products. But when retailer gathers unwanted personal information of their customers; it consider as violation of laws. Lamps Plus Inc. has collected their customers’ ZIP codes during a credit card purchase by violating some of the California law. If you have also purchased any product and asked to give your ZIP code at Lamp Plus, then you can become a part of the Lamps Plus ZIP Code Collection Class Action.

Lamps Plus Settlement to get refund as $10 gift card
As per the claims of class members, Lamp plus retailers have asked for the ZIP code while transaction with the credit card. This action leads to violation of Song-Beverly Act, Unfair Competition Law and invasion of privacy. Lamp plus denies all the claims and said that ZIP code detail practices do not violate any law. But by seeing the risks and uncertainty in the class action, Lamp Plus Company has agreed to settle down the lawsuit.

All customers to whom lamp plus have requested ZIP code but not any other information with the credit card purchase transaction during the time period of November 9, 2005 to January 8, 2014 are considered as eligible class members of lawsuit.

Every eligible class member who has filed their claim form will receive one $10 Lamps Plus gift card. To file your claim form, visit www.lpsettlement.com and follow the instructions to complete claim form. Last date to file claim for refund is April 21, 2014 and final fairness hearing date is July 15, 2014.

Highlights of Lamps Plus ZIP Code Collection Class Action Settlement:

Official site of Lamps Plus ZIP Code Collection Class Action Settlement: www.lpsettlement.com
Link to complete online claim form: www.lpsettlement.com

Address of Administrator:
James C. Fogelstrom v. Lamps Plus Inc.
Claims Administrator
c/o Gilardi & Co. LLC
P.O. Box 8060
San Rafael, CA 94912-8060

Last date to file your claim form: April 21, 2014
Final hearing date: July 15, 2014
Refund: $10 Lamps Plus gift card

Class Counsel:

Defense councel:

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Fiberon Settlement for Noncapped Decking

Learn how to file a claim for fiberon composite decking class action settlement for Noncapped Decking on FiberonSettlement.com.

UK’s renowned company, Fiberon sells beautiful outdoor living products with outstanding performance and quality. Fiberon composite decking and railing materials offer low-maintenance beauty that one can enjoy for years to come, with supreme stain, fade and mold resistance supported by industry first Stain & Fade Warranty. But a group of plaintiffs had filed a class action lawsuit against decking manufacturer Fiberon in 2012 and claimed that some composite decking materials produced and sold by Fiberon had a hidden defect that appeared as dark spots due to mildew, mold or other fungal growth.

Fiberon Settlement

First, the company rejected the claim and declared that the problems with the composite decking happened due to the environmental issues, failure to appropriately preserve and clean the decking, or other issues excluded from warranty coverage. But finally, Fiberon agreed to settle the class action lawsuit to keep away from the expenses and doubt of ongoing lawsuit. If you had purchased certain Fiberon, Veranda or Portico decking materials between March 14, 2008 and Sept. 4, 2013, then you are eligible to file a claim and get refund in the form of voucher.

Bank of America Horn Settlement for overpaid interest

File your claim to the Bank of America Horn Settlement at www.HornSettlement.com and get 75% refund of your overpaid deferred interest or minimum $40.

Financial companies are known for their accurate work, no matter how many customers they are dealing with regularly. But it may happen that big companies do mistakes that sometimes lead to big damage. The bank of America has settled down the Horn Settlement, in which every eligible class member can get refund of $40.

Bank of America's branch entry door

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

How to claim your cash for Sinus Buster Settlement?

File your claim into the Sinus Buster products class action settlement to get $5 refund on maximum two Sinus Buster products of Hi-Tech Pharmacal Company.

Sinus infection is very common health issue, but it widely affects our daily routine due to blockage in nasal passage. Different types of sprays and medicines are available in medical stores to give you instant relief for sinus infection. But, sometimes we just take prescribed medicine without knowing about its efficiency and side effects. Recently, Hi-Tech Pharmacal Company has settled down the lawsuit of their Sinus Buster products.

Sinus Buster Settlement gives $5 refund on sinus buster products