Monday, July 28, 2014

NYC Tour Bus Settlement for Price Fixing

Every NYC tour bus riders, who have overcharged for "hop on, hop off" service by Gray Line/CitySights, can claim $20 refund at

Sometimes knowingly or unknowingly, big companies do fraud with their customer’s trust that leads them to frustrate with several dates of court cases. Recently, riders of New York City tour bus companies has been come across the lawsuit due to overcharging their customers and with hole in their most prominent “hop-on, hop-off” service. NYC tour bus companies has been agreed to settle down class action. Go through the NYC Tour Bus Settlement for finding out eligibility and claiming procedure.

NYC Gray Line tour bus in Manhattan

Monday, July 21, 2014

How to Claim Vendini Settlement for Data Breach?

Vendini users who have booked tickets and come across identity theft issue can claim their refund in Vendini data breach settlement at

It has become a normal procedure that we provide our personal details whenever we do any online transactions or book tickets on internet. As we are interacting with trusted sources, we never think that those trusted sources can also take disadvantages of our trust and reveal our vital important information. Same situation has aroused for the Vendini customers. As per claims of many customers, company has disclosed their personal information increasing the threat of being cheated while online transaction. If you also have come across the same situation, then you can claim your refund into the Vendini data breach class action settlement.

Vendini data breach class action settlement

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Capital One Telephone Call Recording Settlement

Claim refund into the Capital One Telephone Recording Settlement at for recording your calls without any verbal notice.

We do not like if someone keep recording our phone calls without our knowledge. It feels like our privacy has been shredded off by someone without asking for our permission. Capital One has recently come across the situation where they have recorded their customer’s call without informing them, which is totally illegal act. If you come across the situation where you got a call from the Capital One that has been recorded by company, then you can claim your refund into the Capital One telephone call recording settlement with guideline mentioned on
Capital One Telephone Call Recording Settlement
As per the claims of class members, Capital One Bank USA NA has illegally recorded their clients call while they called on their customer care number. Plaintiffs told that company has not provided any verbal notice to their customers before recording that their call might be recorded or monitored by company. This illegal action of Capital One has violated consumer laws related to privacy. Company has agreed to settle the call recording class action lawsuit for reducing further lawsuit expenses.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Norton Insurance Class Action Settlement for Misleading

File your claim at, if you have purchased EDS and NDI for your Norton software between Jan 24, 2005 and Mar 10, 2011 into the Norton Insurance Class Action Settlement.

Symantec Corp. offers Norton Antivirus, which is generally one of the most popular antivirus software and other products. While Digital River offers the digital software delivery. A class action lawsuit was filed against the Symantec Corp. and Digital River Inc, claiming that the companies have misstated some of their products. So, if you have purchased Extended Download Service (EDS) for Norton products or Norton Download Insurance (NDI) between the time period January 24, 2005 and March 10, 2011, then you can to take part in the Class Action Lawsuit.

Norton Insurance Class Action Settlement

Shahar V. Hotwire Settlement over car rentals

Are you victim of Hotwire International Car Rental Fee Class Action Settlement?Then visit to submit a claim for refund.

Hotwire is a discount travel website that provides online booking service for air ticketing, vacation packages, car rental, and hotel rooms. Often, it enters in to contracts with customer to provide services for a certain price or estimated price excluding insurance fees and taxes that means when customer arrives at airline ticket counter, hotel check-in desk, or car rental desk, they have to pay significantly more price than contract price. As well, this thing does not mention in company contract, that’s why Daniel Shahar initially filed class action lawsuit against hotwire in the U.S. District Court claiming that the company misled consumers by offering an estimated price for international car rentals that did not include insurance fees and taxes. He claimed that hotwire not only provided consumers with an “estimated trip total” but also informed consumers that the estimated taxes and fees would be equal to $0.00.

Lawsuit Image