Friday, December 12, 2014

Flexible Polyurethane Foam Settlement over Price Fixing

Visit, and get Claim form, important dates, notices, everything needed to claim for Flexible Polyurethane Foam Settlement.

Many direct purchaser of flexible polyurethane foam sued the country's leading manufacturers and suppliers of flexible polyurethane foam alleging that they conspired to fix the prices of the product in violation of antitrust laws. There are number of foam manufacturers and suppliers fixed the prices of polyurethane foam and polyurethane-foam products for well over a decade, resulting in noteworthy overcharges to their customers. Some of them have already agreed to settle the allegations, and many others may also agree to class action settlements in the future. If you are eligible for Flexible Polyurethane Foam Settlement, then claim hassle free at Flexible Polyurethane Foam Settlement over Price Fixing

How to claim Weight Watchers Wage and Hour Class Action Settlement?

Weight Watchers has decided to end the class action lawsuit over wage and hour violations. The company will pay $1,687,500 as compensation to about 3,319 class members of the Weight Watchers Wage and Hour Class Action Settlement. People who worked as Leaders/Receptionists and those who did hourly-paid location coordinator work for Weight Watchers in California between January 9, 2011 and December 9, 2012 are eligible to get benefits from the settlement.

Weight Watchers

Carter-Reed Relacore Settlement for False Advertising

Claim Relacore False Advertising Class Action Settlement on to get monetary benefits of up to $28.

Reducing stubborn belly fat is not an easy task. So people try supplements to get rid of it. U.S. residents who used Relacore belly-fat reduction and weight loss supplements between January 1, 2000 and November 10, 2014 will be shocked to know there is no scientific proof that the product helps reduce stress-related belly fat. Class members can get cash benefits from the Relacore False Advertising Class Action Settlement.

Relacore products

Thursday, December 11, 2014

WMMSC or WaMu Settlement for Option Adjustable Rate Mortgage Loan

Get your refund of $239 - $716 on as WaMu, WMMSC, and WAAC companies have failed to completely disclose terms of Option ARM loan to you.

To attract more customers, different financial companies announce various kinds of loans. Financial company representative have their best verbal skills to make you think that particular plan is best for you. Few financial companies mislead their customers to earn more money and customers suffer loss of their hard earned money. Washington Mutual Mortgage Securities Corp. (WMMSC) and WaMu Asset Acceptance Corp. (WAAC) have come across the class action due to failing in disclosing whole loan information in front of customers.

WaMu Option ARM Loan Class Action Settlement
Class members have claimed that WMMSC and WAAC have cheated their customers for the Option ARM Loan (also known as Option Adjustable Rate Mortgage Loan). Companies have told their customers that they have to pay minimum payment in starting of loan as per the mortgage term and stay steady till end of loan to resolve big debt burden issue for customers. But with the time, debt value increase as companies failed to disclose complete loan terms in front of borrowers.

Some of the Option ARM Loans are originally sold to consumers by BrooksAmerica and other lenders, but at the end loans were sold to WMMSC and WAAC. Plaintiff said that companies have willingly and knowingly added deceptive mortgage scheme. Actions of WMMSC and WAAC violate California’s Unfair Competition Law and the federal Truth in Lending Act.

WaMu, WMMSC, and WAAC have denied about going anything wrong and yet agree to settle down the class action to resolve future uncertainty and cost of settlement. Any person who have took an Option ARM loan during time period f January 16, 2004 to December 2, 2014 in order to secure real estate property in California through WMMSC or WAAC and said loan was serviced by Washington Mutual Bank are eligible to claim refund into the settlement.

Depending on the length of time and principal amount of your loan, you will receive refund as $239 to $716. Final hearing of class action is going to conduct on March 27, 2015. For information and court documents, visit official site

Highlights of WaMu Option ARM Loan Class Action Settlement:

Official site of class action:
Total approximate settlement fund: $10,000,000

Claims Administrator:
Peel v. BrooksAmerica, et al., Settlement Administrator
c/o Angeion Group
1801 Market Street, Suite 660
Philadelphia, PA 19103
(215) 563-4116

Final hearing of class action: March 27, 2015
Refund amount: $239 - $716

Class Counsel:

Defense Counsel:
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Saini V BMW Settlement over Demo Vehicle

If you purchased a BMW between September 28, 2006 and October 6, 2014, then claim into the BMW Demo Vehicle Class Action Settlement at to get benefits.

Those who bought a “new” BMW vehicle within the time period of September 28, 2006 to before October 6, 2014, then it can be a demonstration car. BMW of North America has agreed to settle a class action lawsuit over Demo cars. The company will provide warranty extension and reimbursement for past expenses to all the class members of the BMW Demo Vehicle Class Action Settlement, who submit a valid claim form at
BMW Demo Car
Plaintiff named Sanjay Saini filed a class action lawsuit against BMW claiming that the company dealers sold sales demonstration ("sales demo") and Aftersales Mobility Program ("service demo") vehicles as New with an "ultimate warranty" without informing them the cars were demo cars. The dealers also informed to customer that the limited warranty for the vehicle had started before they purchased the vehicle. BMW denies these claims but agreed to end the lawsuit.