Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Wells Fargo Fladell Settlement Info: Dates & Claim Form

Person who have paid higher premium for Wells Fargo home insurance can claim refund at FladellSettlementInfo.com in 60 days from the final approval of court.

We rely on different kind of insurance to secure our assets but due to greediness, many companies make their customer fool with adding little tricks in policy agreement. Wells Fargo is considered as one of the trusted firm to take loan for different assets. Besides being popular in customers, it has also come across the force-place insurance lawsuit. Final approval of Wells Fargo Fladell class action has been arrived in which company will provide $300 million to settle down the lawsuit.

Sign board of wells fargo
Plaintiffs have accused that, insurance company - Wells Fargo has raised the prices of hazard policies artificially. While doing agreement, homeowners and insurance company both has agreed that if homeowners fails to maintain insurance for fire, flood, wind or other natural calamities, then Wells Fargo will buy one themselves.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Bosch Siemens Washing Machines Class Action Settlement over foul odors

Visit boschsiemenswashingmachinesclassaction.com to find details about lawsuit that claims Bosch has sold stinky washing machine that does not work properly.

Technology has changed the way our life goes on and it also makes it easy for us to complete all our household work easily. Refrigerators are useful to preserve different food products for longer duration of time and microwave is useful to make tasteful dishes in small interval of time. Same way washing machine is useful to wash dirty clothes with least effort. But, machinery may go under the defects of one or other type in their working span. BOSCH customers have come across the issue while using their washing machine. If you have also purchased the BOSCH washing machine having trouble of cleanness, then you are potential part of the Bosch Siemens washing machines class action settlement.

Front loading washing machine accumulated dirt and biofilm
Class members have claim that front loading washing machine do not clean them selves and work properly as described in advertisement. Plaintiffs also allege that washing machine promote mold, bacteria and biofilm causing foul smell in washed clothes. Court has concluded that BOSCH has violated warranties and other state laws.

Friday, November 7, 2014

AT&T FTC Mobile Cramming Settlement for cramming charges

Current and former AT&T customers who were billed for unauthorized third-party services after January 1, 2009 can file a claim for a refund at www.FTC.gov/ATT.

The telecom giant AT&T has agreed to pay a hefty $105 million to settle the lawsuit filed by the Federal Trade Commission over allegations that it charged mobile customers for third-party services without their consent. According to the lawsuit, AT&T engaged in the unfair trade practice of “cramming” and billed millions of customers for services like ringtones, wallpaper, and text messages of horoscope, celebrity gossip or flirting tips, which they never subscribed. Moreover, AT&T even attempted to hide those unauthorized charges (typically $9.99 a month) on customer’s bill by stating them as “AT&T Monthly Subscriptions”.

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In its complaint, the FTC has revealed that AT&T made “tens of millions” of profit by taking 35 percent of these unauthorized charges. However, the company is now forced to put these millions of dollars back into the pockets of customers. The lawsuit settlement requires AT&T to pay $80 million to the FTC for consumer refunds, $20 million as penalties & fees to individual states, and another $5 million to the Federal Communications Commission.

Under the terms of the settlement, AT&T is required to compulsorily notify all of its customers (who were crammed) about the refund program by text message, email, paper bill insert and online bill notification. AT&T has even agreed in the settlement to change its third-party billing practices. From now onwards, the company will ensure customer’s consent before placing any third-party charges on phone bill. Plus, the customers will be provided with the option to block any third-party charges.
So, all those AT&T customers who paid for unauthorized third-party services after January 1, 2009 can visit www.ftc.gov/att and submit their claim form to get refund. And if you’re not sure whether you're eligible for a refund or not, you can contact the FTC’s refund contractor at 1-877-819-9692.

Highlights of AT&T Unauthorized Third-Party Billing Settlement:

Case Name: FTC v. AT&T Mobility LLC
Settlement Website: www.FTC.gov/ATT
Total Settlement Amount: $105 million
Link to get claim form: https://www.ftcsettlementatt.com/en/Claim
Deadline to submit a Claim Form: 1 May 2015

Claims Administrator:
FTC v. AT&T Claims Administrator
P.O. Box 3219
Portland, OR 97208-3219

How to get refund in FTC LeanSpa Settlement Over Alleged Deceptive Claims?

Individuals who are cheated with Leanspa weight loss supplements with the name of free trial can get refund into the FTC LeanSpa Settlement at FTC.gov/LeanSpa.

Fat people always try out every method and tricks that other people give them about loosing weight without thinking for a bit. This kind of madness or eagerness to loose weight may leads them to being cheated by different company products that claims to reduce weight naturally and easily. Recently LeanSpa has also come across the class action due to fake advertisement of their weight loss product.
Leanspa come across the lawsuit due to fake advertising of weight loss products

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Comcast Monopoly Settlement

People who subscribed to video programming services from Comcast during 2003 to 2008 in Philadelphia and 4 nearby countries can get cash or free services from the Comcast monopoly settlement.

After 11-year long battle, Comcast has decided to settle a class action lawsuit over Monopoly Claims. The company will pay $50 million ($16.67 million cash and $33.33 million services) as compensation to more than 800,000 subscribers. Cable television customers who subscribed to video programming services from Comcast or any of its subsidiaries between January 1, 2003 and December 31, 2008 in Philadelphia and 4 nearby countries: Bucks, Chester, Delaware and Montgomery are the class members of the Comcast monopoly settlement.

Comcast Center Philadelphia