Wednesday, April 16, 2014

How to claim your cash for Sinus Buster Settlement?

File your claim into the Sinus Buster products class action settlement to get $5 refund on maximum two Sinus Buster products of Hi-Tech Pharmacal Company.

Sinus infection is very common health issue, but it widely affects our daily routine due to blockage in nasal passage. Different types of sprays and medicines are available in medical stores to give you instant relief for sinus infection. But, sometimes we just take prescribed medicine without knowing about its efficiency and side effects. Recently, Hi-Tech Pharmacal Company has settled down the lawsuit of their Sinus Buster products.

Sinus Buster Settlement gives $5 refund on sinus buster products

Monday, April 14, 2014

How to claim Watts Toilet Connector Settlement?

If you have property damage due to failure of acetal Coupling Nut of a Watts Toilet Connector, file a claim to participate in the Watts Toilet Connector Settlement on
Watts Water Technologies supply a range of machinery parts and fittings, such as regulators, plumbing and heating, etc. Recently, a settlement has been reached in Watts Water Technologies Inc. and Watts Regulator Co. about toilet connectors with coupling nuts made with acetal plastic designed. If you own a residence or other property in the United States having a Watts toilet connector with an acetal coupling nut, then you can take part in this class action and get benefit.
Watts Toilet Connector Settlement
The lawsuit claimed that the Watts designed and sold toilet connectors with defective acetal coupling nuts, even though the company knew about the faulty condition of coupling nuts. The lawsuit also alleged that the company has provided insufficient installation instructions and failed to give warnings to prevent failure of the coupling nuts. But the defendant denied all the claims and allegations in the lawsuit and stated that the acetal coupling nuts on its toilet connector were not defective in any case, and failure is the result of another factor.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

How to claim for American Cleaners Settlement?

Learn how to claim for American Cleaners class action settlement on by filling up form and following other process.
Most of the people residing in foreign countries do the work by help of cleaners. They are even charged higher rates like surcharge by the company. Have you ever been a customer of American Cleaners in Missouri? Have you been asked for an Environmental Surcharge for dry cleaning services? If you paid an Environmental Surcharge for dry cleaning services to American Cleaners stores in Missouri between Aug. 15, 2007 and Aug. 15, 2012, then you are entitled for getting payback from the class action settlement.

settlement lawsuit

American Cleaners and Laundry Co. Inc. have agreed to settle a class action lawsuit claiming the dry cleaning company charged customers an Environmental Surcharge in violation of Missouri law. The company will pay return in the form of vouchers. The customers who are affected by this practice will receive eight vouchers each of $1 or the total amount of surcharges they paid to American Cleaners for dry cleaning services, whichever amount is higher.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

How to claim fees on Arco AmPm Debit Card Class Action Settlement?

File online claim into the Arco AmPm Debit Card Class Action Settlement at to get your refund of $200.

We go to a gas station to refill gas in our car. Sometimes, we pay by cash or sometimes with debit cards. If you do not keep an eye on your credit transactions, then they might charge you with inapplicable fee amount. Many customers at Arco AmPm gas station have come across the situation, in which, they have to pay inappropriate debit card fee. If you also have charged with inapplicable card fee, then you can file claim into the Arco AmPm Debit Card Class Action Settlement to get your refund.

 BP Arco AmPm gas location

How to claim overpaid price in Honeywell Round Thermostat Settlement?

Learn how to Claim for Honeywell Round Thermostat Class Action Settlement online ( and offline to get benefits.

Honeywell has agreed to settle a class action lawsuit by paying $8,150,000 as compensation to customers. California and Vermont residents who bought Honeywell Round Thermostats during the time period of June 30, 1986 to December 5, 2013 are eligible for compensation worth up to $18 per purchase from the Honeywell Round Thermostat Class Action Settlement. If you are an eligible class member, just submit a claim form without any proof to receive $18 refund. Proof is necessary, only if you claim for more than two purchases.

Honeywell settlement, Honeywell lawsuit